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Friday 23 September 2011


Together let us create something wonderful!  Let us create a stunning calendar filled with images of our children and raise money for a great cause! 

Photos need to be in by Friday 28th of October 2011
(my aim is to have the calendars printed ready for sale early November)

Email your photo NOW to

Please send in just ONE photo (or one of each child), if mutiple images are sent in I will be just selecting one.  I would prefer landscape images too for the calendar if possible.

We are wanting for you to submit a 'stand out' image of a child/children.  My sister Ceara from The Little Things  and I, will select the twelve most amazing photos to include in the calendar.  I will create an album for you to all view on my Facebook page Becky Lipp and you can vote for the 12 you like most BUT voting isn't what will win a spot in the calendar (it might help us if we get a bit stuck though).

Please send me your stand out photo to Becky at  If you can send a small version of the file (under 1 MB) but you will need to have a high resolution image available if you are selected.  By submitting a photo you give me the right to use the image in any way I see fit (my intention is just for calender).  You will not have rights to any money raised in this project or any ownership of the final product. 

PLEASE NOTE:  If your image has been taken by a professional photographer please ask their permission first.  I am happy to print the photographers details under the image on the calendar with website details, whoever takes the photo will have their details written on the calendar.  By submitting the photo I will assume you have been granted permission to use the image.  Professional photographers ARE able to submit an image as well but if you are an amateur don't be put off by this as I have seen MANY brilliant images taken from non-professionals.  We are simply looking for something amazing to have included in the calendar.  Also, permission must be granted from the parents of said children in the photo if taken by someone other than the parent entering the competition and we shall assume this has been given.

As well as sending in a photo if you have a particular uplifting quote, please include this also.  This may be included with the image on the printed calendar.

Let's create something beautiful TOGETHER and at the same time do something wonderful by making a difference to girls of the world! 

With this calendar I would like to raise money for The Girl Effect and I will spend the proceeds at The Girl Store.  Check out how a little can help help get a girl an education here at the Girl Store. 

Check out The Girl Effect website and you will find out some shocking facts, like...the leading cause of death worldwide for girls aged 15-18 is CHILDBIRTH!  70% of children living in poverty are GIRLS! There are videos of girls stories from around the world as well as international speakers like Bill Clinton taking about the importance of helping young girls and the ripple effect it will have on our world at The Girl Effect website -
To order a calendar email Becky and put "CALENDAR ORDER" in the subject field.  Calendars are $20 each with $2.50 postage NZ & Worldwide

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